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As a photographer for almost 50 years I have been involved in all types of photo media.  I’ve produced photos from 620, 120, 126, 35mm roll film, 4x5, and 5x7 sheet films.  In the 70’s I owned a studio and custom lab.  I have developed and printed thousands of rolls and sheets of film, most of them, one at a time.  I provided next day processing and printing long before it became as popular as it is today.  Only in the past ten years has digital technology become a viable alternative to film.  I no longer shoot and develop film and consume all those caustic chemicals that are required to produce images from film.  I'm sure, with the advent of digital photo technology I have added years to my overall health.  Now I almost exclusively shoot digital.  It’s better for the health and the environment.


Over the years I have been published in many magazines and won awards for my creative work.  Now I prefer to concentrate on the natural beauty of landscapes and nature.  I like the viewer to get the felling of being in the picture.  I take pride in a finished product that reflects exactly what I saw when I snapped the shutter.  I believe that a good photograph must not only be technically correct, but also translate exactly what the photographer had in mind when they first conceived the shot.


In my black and white photos I like dramatic skies, deep blacks, and pure whites.  In my color photographs, I like to see rich colors, great depth, and interesting subjects.  I hope you enjoy my work.

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